Semester 2 Episode 8 - Shortcuts

In this week’s episode, Craig and Robby try to explain what Shortcuts are (though Apple’s naming doesn’t make it easy), share several of their favorite shortcuts as inspiration, and then get to some listener questions.

Also, Craig’s kids were home during the recording of this episode…and you can definitely tell. Apologies.

MacStories Workflow Review

GoodNotes 5

Shortcuts App on the App Store

Drafts Episode

Number Talks Book

Number Talks Shortcut

Podcast Posting Blog Post

Robby’s Seating Chart Shortcuts



Start Concert Band

Craig’s Instagram Shortcut

Robby’s Wake Up Shortcut

Robby’s Coffee Shortcut

Robby’s Go to Work Shortcut

Robby’s Good Night Shortcut

Craig’s Makeup Work Shortcut

Variables Tutorial

Canvas Workflow Series Episode 1

MacSparky Video Field Guide

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