30 Years and A New Website

Today is my 30th birthday. I think there is a cultural tendency for people to get freaked out by birthdays ending in zeroes, and I get that. But I'm actually doing really well today. While my life isn't perfect by any means, it is great.

I feel like a lot of your 20s are trying to get life settled and figure out who the grownup version of you is going to be. A lot of the anxiety I see in people hitting 30 is not having a lot of that figured out (This is an oversimplification or stereotype I know, but stereotypes exist for a reason). I'm fortunate to enter my 30s with a great marriage, family, and job. I know there will be difficult times ahead, but they will happen on top of a firm foundation.

That being said, I'm not done learning and growing. My next project in life will be teaching myself to program. I have fallen in love with writing code through using apps like Workflow, then moving onto Pythonista and Swift Playgrounds. I want to take the next step and understand how the apps I love are made, and see if I can even write one of my own.

I am again reworking this website into a blog to be able to document the process of learning to code as well as post about everything I don't share over at The Class Nerd like thoughts on Apple, TV shows, movies, and music. I have also been inspired by Manton Reece's work on indie microblogging, and this site will serve as the host for my micro.blog account when the service launches later this year.

I'm excited about this next decade of my life, and thankful for all of you who reads what I write here. Here's to the next adventure.

The Class Nerd @theclassnerd