Why iPad Pro Works For Me

Jason Snell at Six Colors:

But who is the right fit for the iPad Pro? If you're someone who has built up a complex Mac-based workflow to get your job done, the cost of leaving that behind and going to the iPad may be too great.

For me, this is the exact opposite reason why I love the iPad Pro. Though I have been a Mac user since the early 2000s, I never dove deep and attempted to become a real power user until I already had an iPad as well. My understanding of saving time through automation came of age at the same time it became available on the iPad. Tools like Markdown and Workflow work on a Mac, or have counterparts there, but I learned them on iOS. And because my skills have grown along with iPad, it has had less of a learning curve for me than the already well established OS X.

I love my iPad Pro. When I bought it, my MacBook Pro's battery was at around 50%. It was a week and a half before I charged it again (instead of 2 days). This is my computer now, and I am really happy with it. There are definite pain points and areas for improvement, but they will come, and I'll grow along with it.

The Class Nerd @theclassnerd