5 Ways Evernote Can Help You Apply for College


The college application process can be an emotionally draining process. Even as an adult applying for grad school, my future was in the hands of the admissions office. Add to that the stress of managing all of the information thrown at you, and you can easily be overwhelmed.

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This for me is where Evernote came in.

Because I try to live as paperless as I can, using Evernote, I was able to keep track of everything given to me by Lipscomb during the application process and remove that stress. I hope my sharing some of these techniques can help you get organized and better handle your college application.

Here are 5 things I stored in Evernote under my “admission” tag:

Annotated Campus Maps

The first time you visit a campus can be intimidating. Even a smaller, private university like Lipscomb is easy to get lost in if you haven’t been there before. So when I went for my campus visit, I downloaded a campus map before going, marked it up using Evernote’s annotation feature with the location of my meeting, and went to campus confident I could find where I needed to be. 

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Program Descriptions

Lipscomb had several paths I could take to earn my teaching certification, and several intrigued me. On my first visit, I was given a sheet of paper with each program I could participate in so I could decide which would be best for me. I scanned these into Evernote using the Scanner Pro app on my iPhone, and still reference them from time to time to share with others who are interested in attending Lipscomb.

Important Business Cards

In my work as a musician, people didn’t use business cards very frequently. So I was surprised how many business cards I received over the course of the application process at Lipscomb. I simply scanned those cards in using Evernote for iPhone’s business card camera, and was able to recall those any time I needed.


With so many things to submit, keeping track of receipts to prove you turned in what you’re supposed to is important. Just a few examples of this are entrance exam (SAT, ACT, GRE) registration, application payment, health form, and references.

If it was ever called into question whether I had submitted anything, the receipt was stored in Evernote. Most of these I received via email and simply forwarded into my Evernote account using my Evernote email address. A few were paper receipts I scanned in either using my Scanner Pro app on my iPhone or my Doxie One portable scanner.

Admission Requirements

Every school you apply for will require different things for admission. I scanned this list in to Evernote to ensure I didn’t forget anything. I also created a project in Omnifocus to help me get the application done by the deadline.

Have you applied for college or grad school lately? What was the most difficult part of that process? Let me know in the comments. 

The Class Nerd @theclassnerd