Viticci’s iOS 11 Review

On the iPad, the floating preview supports drag and drop, so you can hold it and drop it in other apps. This is particularly effective when combined with the ability to return to floating mode after you’ve edited a screenshot. From the markup view, hit the Home button, and the annotated screenshot will shrink into a thumbnail again so you can grab it and drop it as an edited version.

There are 2 reasons I always read Viticci’s reviews of an operating system I’ve been running for close to 3 months. First, tidbits like the one above I never would have discovered on my own. The depth of his knowledge on iOS and its frameworks is unmatched outside of Apple.

Second, the insight, thought, and care put into every word really is extraordinary. No one else could write a review like this. It makes me think about where iOS’s shortcomings are, and gets me excited about the potential for the current version I couldn’t see myself.

Go read this review. It’s worth the time.

The Class Nerd @theclassnerd