Valentine's Weekend Writing

Though it is Valentine's Day weekend, my wife is out of town (don't worry, we celebrated Thursday), which means I get to do whatever I want...which for me is check things off of my ever growing to-do list.

Taking up a lot of that to-do list is a lot of writing including posts for this blog, a grad school paper, and a special guest post for another blog. So this morning, I took my dog Macy to the dog park to wear her out. This usually means so I can write distraction free for several hours (puppy dog face is a terrible distraction).

I thought that just in case there were other nerds out there like me who desperately needed to get some writing done on Valentine's weekend, I would start the hashtag #writevalentines on Twitter, and post my progress there throughout the weekend.

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Here is my list of projects and current progress:

If you don't follow me on twitter, you really should. I'm a delight.

If you do, and you have no interest in following my progress this weekend, just mute the #writevalentines tag. I know tweetbot can mute hashtags, and I believe the official twitter app can as well? Don't quote me on that.

If you want to join in, just post your progress with that hastag.

Hopefully we can get some work done together.

The Class Nerd @theclassnerd