Ulysses 2.5

Ulysses has been my writing app of choice for a year now. I wrote more grad school papers and blackboard posts than I can count (including my research proposal), write my weekly newsletter to my students' parents in it, and almost every blog post here at The Class Nerd over the last year has been written using Ulysses as well.

Today, the amazing Soulmen team have released Ulysses 2.5 for Mac, iPad, and for the first time, iPhone. While I was initially most excited about iPad Pro and iOS 9 multitasking support, since using the betas for a few months, I have really fallen in love with having Ulysses on my iPhone.

I didn't think I would care about having my app for writing longer content on my phone, but moving to an iPhone 6s Plus from a 6 right as the betas were beginning showed me just how much I can get done on my phone when I have a spare 15-20 minutes of down time while I'm out and about.

Ulysses is my go to app for several reasons:

  • Excellent iCloud sync, backup, and versions
  • The ability to group and sort sheets in folders and sub folders
  • Excellent markdown preview and export
  • A fantastic shortcut bar on iPhone
  • New x-callback-url support

I won't get into the rest of the nitty gritty details of all this app can do. If you want that info, I recommend David Chartier's review at Macstories. As with everything posted on MacStories, it's very thorough and well written.

For me, having the right writing environment is crucial to get me to sit down and actually write, and Ulysses is that environment for me. Get it on the App Store for $19.99.

The Class Nerd @theclassnerd