The Hunt for an Email Client

I think the true sign of someone who uses iOS to get most of their work done is they have tried more email clients than they can count.

I've used Airmail fairly consistently over the last year, but am always frustrated by its UI and frequent bugs. Unfortunately, there are power user features in Airmail that keep me there.

Here are the features I need in an email client:

  • Sharing a link to or the content of an email to another app (such as Todoist or Workflow).
  • URL scheme for accessing emails (see previous item) and creating emails via Workflow or Drafts.
  • The ability to work search an entire exchange directory for a contact (super helpful in a very large school district).
  • UI that helps you see your mail and is easy to navigate.
  • Reliable Functionality

Really what would solve all of my problems is if Apple finally added a share extension to in iOS 11 (3 years after extensibility was first announced 🙄). I want to be able to tap a link in Todoist and have it bring me back to the email I need to respond to or create a new message with one tap. One can dream, right?

The Class Nerd @theclassnerd