Returning to Apple Mail on iOS

A few months ago, I shared I was looking for a new email client:

Here are the features I need in an email client:

  • Sharing a link to the content of an email to another app (such as Todoist or Workflow).
  • URL scheme for accessing emails (see previous item) and creating emails via Workflow or Drafts.
  • The ability to search an entire exchange directory for a contact (super helpful in a very large school district).
  • UI that helps you see your mail and is easy to navigate.
  • Reliable Functionality

It turns out that with iOS 11’s Drag and Drop feature now being used by many 3rd party apps, Apple Mail now meets all of these requirements.

I can drag a message from Mail into Todoist and a link to the message will be placed in the task. Workflow and Drafts both have email actions thanks to Apple’s native APIs. Mail can search an exchange directory. The UI is nicer to look at than Airmail’s, and it actually works and doesn’t have constant bugs like Airmail did.

Plus, Mail has the added benefit of working more naturally with drag and drop when adding email attachments. With Airmail, half the time when I dropped an attachment into an email, it would never show up.

Is Airmail more powerful? Absolutely. I’ll definitely miss snoozing emails. But I think being able to trust my email client to actually send emails is worth the trade off.

For the foreseeable future, I’m going to stick with Mail. It and Notes are on the list of default iOS apps I’m using every day instead of a 3rd party service. Who says Apple can’t make software?

The Class Nerd @theclassnerd