Rene Ritchie on the Future of Indie Apps

I love, love, love my indie apps. They dominate my Home screens. But how many of them have my family even heard of? How many have my non-tech enthusiast friends? How many have yours?

Big apps get all the attention these days, just like big movie, music, or book releases — or big toy releases — and indies get what little is left, when there's even a little left. The App Store is big business, and that's how big business works. Only our nostalgia keeps us thinking otherwise. Just like our nostalgia for the corner store in the age of online and big box.

Beyond being a sad truth, Rene Ritchie's piece on iMore today highlights why I've struggled to find a focus for this blog so far. I would ideally love to expose teachers and others in education to indie apps that would help them increase their productivity and make their lives easier. However, the amount of teachers that care about this are few and far between. And the ones that exist, probably already know about these tools.

Don't hear that as an insult to teachers. People are entitled to care about what they like, and it would be foolish to think iOS productivity apps are a passion for most educators.

But at the heart of this for me is a desire to see educators enjoy technology and maybe, just maybe not see the future Ritchie has predicted.

The Class Nerd @theclassnerd