Quick Tip Tuesday #1: Create a Class Collection Template in Evernote

As teachers we are continually collecting everything from health forms to field trip money/permission slips from our students. The beginning of the year is especially crazy with how much teachers have to keep up with.

What I’ve done to help me quickly and easily keep up with who has turned in what is use Evernote’s spreadsheet function and checkboxes and created a collection log template.

Here’s what that looks like: 

  <img src="http://theclassnerd.micro.blog/uploads/2018/b8610fa9ad.jpg" alt=""/>

Now when I have a new item to collect, I duplicate the note and fill it out as students return their materials.

As I go through my students’ take-home folders every day, I simply keep my iPad (or iPhone) with me open to that note, and check the boxes as I receive items from students.

To create a spreadsheet, simply click the spreadsheet button and in the popup box that appears, enter how many rows and columns you need.

  <img src="http://theclassnerd.micro.blog/uploads/2018/9fd2c97335.jpg" alt=""/>

Using this method, you have collection data with you at all times, and don’t have to keep up with a piece of paper. It also allows you to better keep track of who has a habit of not turning in required materials to discuss it with them.

How do you keep up with student collections? Is a digital method useful? Let me know in the comments.

The Class Nerd @theclassnerd