280 on Twitter vs Micro.blog

Earlier today, I posted the following on my microblog and twitter:

It’s funny how much I’ve enjoyed 280 characters on Micro.blog, but how much I hate it on Twitter.

I’ve gotten a lot of people agreeing with me, but not for the same reasons I have. While I don’t want to add to the people complaining about Twitter’s 280 character change, I’ve had enough interactions with people on the subject that I want my thoughts in one place.

Here are my 2 main problems with 280 characters on Twitter vs Micro.blog:

  1. I’ve been on Twitter for 9 years. It has always been 140 characters. It’s jarring to scroll my feed and it suddenly look so different. Micro.blog has always been 280 characters and truncated my posts longer than 140 behind a link when cross-posting to Twitter.
  2. People are still doing tweet threads, but they’re 280 character tweet threads. It’s even more obnoxious. With Micro.blog, when you go over 280, it becomes a real blog post and just has a link. This makes so much more sense.

Yes, there is the ridiculousness of what people say on twitter (including taking 280 characters to tweet about 280 characters), but these 2 are the biggest factors for me.

I wonder how much longer I’ll use Twitter beyond cross-posting from Micro.blog. Returning to more RSS usage instead of Twitter seems more and more appealing every day.

The Class Nerd @theclassnerd