Omni Apps for iPhone and App Pricing

We really appreciate the early support from those of you who have already purchased OmniFocus 2 for both iPhone and iPad. To show that appreciation in a concrete way, we will be offering a $10 rebate once the Universal app has shipped so that you won’t have paid any more for the two apps than someone who buys the Universal app.

In a world where Apple does not make it easy on app developers to offer upgrade pricing and the App Store has driven app prices down to level that make it difficult for developers to make a living, I applaud The OmniGroup's work to honor their current customers when I big change like this comes.

I bought OmniFocus 2 for iPhone in early 2014, and purchased the iPad version on release day. A Universal version of OmniFocus with all of the pro features of the iPad version sounds like a dream to me. I could honestly have seen Omni making this iPhone Productivity Pack separate from the iPad versions and charging for them. I would have gladly paid for an updated OmniFocus and to have OmniOutliner on my iPhone.

Instead, I'll be getting OmniOutliner for free and receiving $10 back on OmniFocus.

Great customer service and great products will win every time. Thanks OmniGroup for having both.

The Class Nerd @theclassnerd