My Drag and Drop Request

I’ve been running iOS 11 on my iPads since June, and have been sad not having many apps to take advantage of the new features. That has finally changed this week with the public release of iOS 11.

But as more and more apps add new Files and Drag and Drop capabilities, there has been an omission that greatly frustrates me, and even Apple’s own iWork apps have this issue.

I create a lot of material for my job as a teacher in Pages, but none of my grade level team members use an iPad or even a Mac for their work machines. In order to share with them, I have to export as a Word document or PDF and email it to them.

While I can easily drag a Pages file into Airmail, I cannot drag an document exported to another format. Right now to reply to an email (instead of creating a new one) with an attachment from Pages, I have to save the exported PDF to Files using the Share Sheet, then drag from Files (or use the attachment menu in Airmail). Then I need to delete the document from files as I no longer need it.

I would love to see Apple place a draggable thumbnail of the PDF in the export share sheet right next to where the AirDrop controls are.

   [caption id="" align="alignnone" width="2500.0"]<img src="" alt=" Drag and Drop from here in the Share Sheet "/>  Drag and Drop from here in the Share Sheet [/caption] 

Being able to drag out of the share sheet of anything system-wide would improve the speed of my workflow, and help me avoid a frustrating set of extra steps.

The Class Nerd @theclassnerd