Just Smart Enough

Shawn Blanc on Apple Watch:

Not to be all philosophical, but one of the big question that’s been looming in my mind regarding Apple Watch is this: For those who want to spend less time staring at their iPhone, will Apple Watch make that easier?

After a week — which, admittedly, is a very short amount of time — my answer to the above question is yes: Apple Watch makes it easier to leave my iPhone alone.

Apple Watch fits, appropriately, right between a smartphone and a dumb watch. Apple Watch is certainly more feature-rich and “connected” than my analog watches ever were, yet it’s not anywhere near an “iPhone 2.0” type of product.

In other words, Apple Watch is just powerful enough to be useful and fun, but not so powerful that it’s distracting or frustrating.

I’ve been asked many times in the month since I got my Apple Watch what it can do, and if it’s worth it. A lot of the times I demo it, I feel like it doesn’t come off as very impressive. But Shawn’s take on the watch is exactly why I love my Apple Watch so much. I really am using my phone far less, am not as distracted, and overall am more present in my day to day activities.

So is it worth it?

In my mind, absolutely.

The Class Nerd @theclassnerd