Introducing The Class Nerd Podcast

Though it was teased last week with a preview episode, Robby Burns and I are excited to officially launch The Class Nerd Podcast today.

Robby and I are both teachers who are passionate about our jobs, but also about not making our jobs our lives. We both work hard to make teaching as efficient and effective as possible so we have time to spend with our families and on other things we care about. A lot of this increased efficiency has come out of our love of Apple devices, and we have both tried to share our workflows with the greater education community through blogs, and in Robby’s case, a book. This podcast is meant to be another resource for teachers.

Semester 1 of The Class Nerd Podcast will be 10 weekly episodes around 25-30 minutes in length. Hopefully this is conducive to the busy lifestyles of teachers, and can be some easy summer PD.

If you’re not a teacher, but still want to get more out of your Apple Devices, we hope this is a useful resource as well.

Robby and I are really proud and excited, and hope you enjoy The Class Nerd Podcast.

Listen to Episode 1 now:

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