Getting Things Done

On last week's episode of Mac Power Users, David and Katie interviewed David Allen, author of "Getting Things Done," which is a methodology to help people deal with all of the tasks they have to complete in their lives.

I read GTD over a year ago when I was not yet a teacher or in grad school. I had far fewer things I had to deal with in work and at home. So while my rudimentary understanding of the GTD system was fine back then, it has not held up under the influx of papers, emails, and work I've needed to complete since August.

[The basics] as you can imagine, you can consciously be aware of them in about 2 minutes. But to make them habitual takes about 2 years.

Hearing David say the above quote gave me great relief, and inspired me read the book again. Fortunately, he has updated the book with a new 2015 edition which I decided to purchase. I'm already seeing so many ways I can improve on my current system for next school year. This summer I plan on making having an updated routine and system for GTD a priority.

If you have trouble keeping up with all of the tasks required of being a teacher or a student, I highly recommend David's book.

The Class Nerd @theclassnerd