Getting Started in Evernote

While I do want to create plenty of original content on using Evernote (especially in education) here at The Class Nerd, one of the marks of a good teacher is recognizing someone else’s good lesson plan/idea and using that.

The internet is full of amazing content on how to get started using Evernote, so I want to share some articles that have helped me along the way. It may take a little bit of time to get through all of it, but good things are always worth working for in my opinion.

Getting Started

  • Michael Hyatt’s Blog - Hyatt has written several posts about his Evernote setup, what the app does, and how to use it. This post I have linked to is an index of all his Evernote posts.
  • Jamie Rubin’s Blog - Rubin’s posts on paperless living have been the single most influential factor in my Evernote use. I will include several other of his posts later, but this particular one is great for giving you ideas of ways to go paperless.
  • The Evernote Blog - Evernote’s official blog frequently posts interesting use cases and tips. The post I have linked to here lists 6 great things to keep stored in Evernote.

Organizing Evernote

Next Steps

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