Foot in Mouth

Earlier this week I tweeted that this website would be down for a bit while I transitioned it from Squarespace to Wordpress. As someone who is not a designer, I love Squarespace as a platform because it's very easy to make a good looking website. The down side of it is that it's incredibly difficult to work with on iOS. The web interface barely functions, and the Blog app is severely limited in features (you can't post any HTML) as well as not having been updated for iPad Pro or iOS 9 multitasking. With these limitations, I felt like running this blog was the only thing tying me to a Mac.

So I finally gave in. Earlier this week I purchased some hosting, installed Wordpress, and began the process of moving this site over.

But along the way I started getting frustrated. Finding a powerful and flexible theme I could also understand how to customize was a very tedious and bad experience. It's difficult to try out a theme and see if you can customize it how you like without buying the theme first. And while I can automate lots of things on iOS and am working on learning to code in Python, design and CMS are above my pay grade.

It also started getting really expensive. While that expense is acceptable for larger blogs, at this point I don't make any money from this website. The ROI is not worth it in terms of both money and time. So last night I decided to give up and just live with Squarespace. I'm praying that in Squarespace 8 we get more iOS functionality.

I got a refund for my hosting and theme, and did a quick redesign here on Squarespace. Now my site is more attractive than it's ever been (at least in my opinion), and it's at a better price for me. There are trade offs for sure, but right now I feel like I'm choosing to have the set of problems I am actually capable of handling.

So welcome to The Class Nerd where I put my foot in my mouth.

The Class Nerd @theclassnerd