Fantastical for iOS 10 and watchOS 3

The good folks at Flexibits have released a big update to their iOS and watchOS apps. This update to the watch app has fixed one of my biggest issues with the app, and solidified it's place as a complication on my primary watch face.

Prior to this update, the Fantastical complication showed upcoming events from all your calendars. This includes shared calendars, so my wife's events she shared with me would regularly take the space on my watch face. While I like knowing what my wife has scheduled, the watch face is quick reference for what Ihave to do next. I eventually replaced Fantastical's complication with Apple's Calendar which did allow for calendar selection.

With the new update, you can now select which calendars appear in the watch app just like in Apple's The new compact view in the Today Widget is also really nice.

Fantastical's natural text input for events and interaction with other apps via x-callback URL have kept it as my primary calendar app for a few years now on my iPhone and iPads. I'm really excited for this update, and am glad to have to have Fantastical back front and center again on my watch.

Both Fantastical for iPhone and iPad are 50% off in the App Store right now. I highly recommend them.

The Class Nerd @theclassnerd