Day 1 With Apple Watch Series 3

I think UPS must hate me. Our house is always at the end of their route, and they don’t tend to deliver new Apple products until after 6pm. My wife and I went to a concert Friday night, so we were not home for the arrival of,k her iPhone 8 and my Apple Watch Series 3. I did set up my watch when we got home, but yesterday was my first day actually wearing it.

Here are my thoughts after 1 day with the Space Gray Aluminum Apple Watch Series 3 GPS + Cellular with Dark Olive Sport Loop.

  • After 2.5 years with a Stainless Steel Apple Watch, this aluminum doesn’t even feel like it’s on my arm. The steel wasn’t horribly heavy, but this weight is so nice.
  • I had no issue setting up the cellular connection with AT&T unlike many other people. It was quick and easy.
  • I love the Sport Loop. I wore it during a workout and while mowing my grass, and it breathes more than the Sport Band did, but doesn’t retain moisture the way the Nylon Bands do. The Dark Olive is a really nice color. The fabric on the sides and underneath the velcro is actually olive green, but it’s quite subtle. The loops themselves are way more gray than in the pictures. I really like the look though, and may end up getting another color as well. The only question for me is the durability of the loops. Time will tell on that.
  • That Explorer Face is sexy. It goes really well with the Space Gray body and the red dot.
  • The Series 1 and 2 watches were 50% faster than my Series 0 according to Apple at their launch. The Series 3 is 70% faster than 1 and 2. If you do the math, that’s 255% faster than my Series 0. Let’s just say it’s noticeable. Everything from launching apps to Force Touch and Siri are actually responsive. It makes the watch so much more usable.
  • I did an Iron Tribe workout early in the morning for 45 minutes and tracked it with _David Smith’s fantastic Workouts++ app. When I was finished, the watch battery was at 94%.
  • I also ran a workout and listened to music using my AirPods while mowing for an hour. The battery percentage ended in the 80s.
  • I ran a cellular experiment leaving my phone in my car while I ran in the grocery store. I listened to music on my AirPods, texted my wife and a friend, asked Siri some questions, and checked off items in our shared Todoist grocery list. The one place this fell down was with Todoist as it hasn’t been optimized to work away from the phone. I ran into problems when I got into the store and Todoist hadn’t synced to add things to the list (so I unfortunately ran out to the car to fix it). Then when I got back to my phone after shopping, the phone reset my completed items as incomplete. Developers are going to have to do some work to get their apps ready to work independently from the phone. I hope they have enough motivation.
  • I finished the day at 55%. This was with me using it even heavier than a normal day. Compare that to my 2.5 year old Series 0 battery who struggled to make it to the end of the day by the time it retired. It makes a big difference.

I love this watch. I’m extremely pleased with the cellular capabilities, the speed, and the look. Being untethered from my phone while still being reachable in emergencies is game changing. Apple has made huge strides since the watch debuted. Now if only you could stream or listen to podcasts on it with no phone around.

The Class Nerd @theclassnerd