Blogging, I’m a Fickle Friend

Over the summer, my church small group has gone through the book “The Road Back to You” by Ian Cron and Suzanne Stabile. It’s about the enneagram personality typing system.

It turns out, I’m a 3.

And as a 3, I tried to over-perform with The Class Nerd in the middle of an incredible season. I tried to make the site into a big resource full of information for teachers including in depth reviews and how-tos of apps. I wanted to build a platform and reach followers.

What I really needed was a fun, creative outlet.

I don’t need to be the best blogger or make any money doing this. I want to share ideas and interact with fun people on the internet in (sometimes) more than 140 characters.

So here’s the plan.

First, yes I know I spend way more time changing platforms than actually writing. I get it. But I’ve made some changes to remove some distractions from my life so I have more time to engage with my family, take care of myself, and have a creative outlet. I have lots of post ideas for once in my life.

Next, micro-blog posts will be hosted on using Manton Reece’s service, and cross posted to twitter. You can also see my most recent micro posts on the micro-posts section of this site. All long form posts will be posted here at The Class Nerd. This means I could share about teaching, Apple, Star Wars, music, or more. My hope is that if you like things I like, you will enjoy what I have to say.

Also, Medium is gone. I moved The Class Nerd to Medium because it was free, and had a nice API. But let’s be honest. It was terrible and dying. That shows how little faith I had in this site at the time. I knew deep down what it was. I’m back to Squarespace. While it isn’t perfect for someone who works from iOS only, it’s a much more economical choice for me right now. I decided not to do this for money, remember?

A big change is posts will be from me only from now on. While I so appreciate Peter’s contributions to this site, with the renewed focus, it doesn’t make sense to have other contributors. He is a great guy, and has started his own blog. Go give it a follow for more great content on how to use technology in education. I’m so excited to see what he does with it in the future.

Finally, after this post I will stop posting to The Class Nerd’s twitter account. It just makes more sense to share more links to posts here from my personal account since this website is more personal than it was before. The account won’t be shut down, but new posts will no longer appear there.

The new school year starts Monday for me. It’s going to get busy, but I’m excited to have The Class Nerd as a creative outlet, and about its future.

The Class Nerd @theclassnerd