Back to the Mac

No, I’m not referring to Apple’s 2010 Keynote introducing the MacBook Air and OS X Lion after being focused on the iPad and iPhone for much of 2010. But I thought it was a fitting title since after a year of working from an iPad, I have returned to the Mac.


In an effort to learn more about software development, I once again have a MacBook Pro so I can dive into Xcode. Not only do I once again have a MacBook Pro, but I have my old MacBook Pro back. The relative I sold it to wanted a MacBook Adorable, so I was fortunate to get this back. It’s not a fancy 2016 model, but it does have a retina display and plenty of power for my novice use of Xcode.

After a year of living the iPad only lifestyle, the last 24 hours with the Mac have been more difficult than I would have imagined. That sounds like whining, but I genuinely didn’t anticipate issues beyond occasionally trying to tap on the screen. One of the biggest I have faced is remembering to use the menu bar to find app settings.

Another area where I am struggling is automation. I know the Mac is often capable of more powerful automation than an iPad, but I learned how to automate through tools like Workflow, and I have not had time to figure out how to replicate any of workflows on the Mac with Automator, Apple Script, or other shell scripts. Though I am writing this post in Ulysses on my Mac, I will pull out my iPad Pro to post to this site because it is so much easier and faster.

I hope to share more about my journey through programming here over the next few months/year, but I thought it was worth a minute to share the experience of an iPad power user moving to a Mac since most blogs cover the opposite transition.

Both platforms have their advantages, and I feel fortunate to have both for when I need them. However, there’s no questioning that iOS is where I get my real work done right now.

The Class Nerd @theclassnerd