App Santa Sale

Christmas is a great time to pick up Christmas is a great time to pick up some amazing apps at a great price. Developers are eager to sell to everyone getting new Apple devices and iTunes gift cards for Christmas, so many App Store mainstays go on sale.

One of the best of these sales is App Santa. Many apps that I use daily are featured. Here are some of my favorites:

Drafts 4

Universal (iTunes) $9.99->$4.99

Drafts is easily my most used app. It's where notes and text always start for me on iOS. The app always opens to a blank note, and comes with actions to send that text to almost any app such as Evernote, Omnifocus, Messages, Mail, and many more. This allows you to quickly write down information before you forget it, then process it later. As fast paced as teaching is, Drafts is absolutely invaluable to me.

Text Expander Touch

Universal (iTunes) $4.99->$2.99

Text Expander is another big time saver for me. It allows you to save text and even complex forms and recall them using snippets. So for example, a phrase I type often as a teacher is "If you have any questions or concerns, please let me know." I say this in emails to parents and my team constantly. I have it saved into text expander and only have to type ".ques" to have it type the entire phrase. This is a simple example, but Text Expander can also store complex forms and more.

It used to be that this would only work in apps that supported Text Expander, but now with iOS 8's new custom keyboards, this functionality can be used in ANY app. From Apple Mail to Microsoft Word. I plan on writing a post in the future featuring some other uses for Text Expander.


Universal (iTunes) $9.99->$4.99

MindNode is my go-to mind mapping app. If I need to brainstorm, most of the time it happens here. The built-in themes and smart layout make this app a joy to use.

Other Apps

It should be noted that while I'm linking to iOS versions of these apps, many have a Mac version that will sync via iCloud.

If you are looking to take your iOS usage to the next level either in your studies or your teaching, these apps are a great place to start. The sale only lasts through the 26th, so get these apps while the getting's good!

The Class Nerd @theclassnerd