Another Apple Event Thoughts Post

I hadn’t actually planned on sharing any thoughts on Tuesday’s Apple event. I’ve read and listened to so much commentary from far smarter people, I felt like I would just be regurgitating. But there have been a few topics I continue to hear people debate, so I’ve decided to add to the noise. This won’t be comprehensive. I’ll only weigh in where I feel I have something to contribute.

Who is the iPhone 8 For?

A lot of people have speculated Apple will have a difficult time selling any iPhone 8 models due to the existence of iPhone X. While it’s true I plan to order a X, it is not the phone for everyone.

Tomorrow, I will be waking up at 1:55am to order my wife an iPhone 8. She is currently still using an iPhone 6 that is on its last leg. To put that into perspective, her phone doesn’t have 3D Touch, Live Photos (which are a big deal to us with small children), raise to wake, or even the 2nd generation Touch ID. An 8 will be a huge update for her.

She also doesn’t care about the latest and greatest, and can often be change averse. The loss of the home button and her standard way of doing things will make the X less appealing, not more. The iPhone 8 is an almost perfect device for her (it would be nice if it came with the dual camera system).

Between my wife and all of the teachers I work with who just want a dependable phone with a good camera, I think Apple will sell plenty of iPhone 8s. The 8 Plus seems harder to justify because the cost difference between it and the X are not nearly as great, but I’d bet on the 8 being a hit.

Face ID vs Touch ID

I’ve heard several people say they wish the iPhone X either came with Face ID and Touch ID on the back or Touch ID would make a return under the screen at some point in the future.

I understand their desires, but I for one don’t want that (assuming Face ID works, which I believe it will). How much more often is there something on my hands (I do have small children after all) which prevents Touch ID from working than there’s something on my face?

I feel like there’s a possibility Face ID will eventually be more reliable than Touch ID. I’m really excited about it.

A11 Bionic

I’ll be honest and say I know very little about computer processors other than they seem to be growing faster over time. But the amount of things the A11 Bionic chip in the new iPhones is able to do in real time is mind blowing to me. When I stop to think about how much data needs to be processed instantaneously for Face ID or the new Portait Lighting camera features, it truly astounds me.

Though these numbers don’t mean a whole lot for actual usage, Geekbench is reporting the A11 Bionic as being on par with the current 13” MacBook Pro. Apple’s silicon team is what is keeping Apple so far ahead of the rest of the industry, and also why I have a fair amount of confidence in Face ID.

I can’t wait to get my hands on these devices. I’ll be updating my Apple Watch from a Series 0 to a 3, and iPhone from 6s Plus to X. It’s going to be a fun few months as an Apple fan.

The Class Nerd @theclassnerd