Airmail 1.2

As a teacher, much of my communication with my colleagues and with the parents of my students happens via e-mail. On a typical day, I probably receive at least 50 emails I need to manage in some way which has led me to search for more powerful options on my iOS devices than Apple's built in mail app.

With my school district using Office365 for email, I used Microsoft Outlook for a long time. It worked far better with exchange than Apple Mail did, and had snoozing features. This was great for a while, but having a small taste of power features only made me long for more, and last fall I made the switch to Spark by Readdle. While Spark still has my favorite interface of any iOS email app, it did compromise on some features of Exchange servers like being able to search for the email address of anyone in my school district.

Then in February, the iOS version of Airmail, the popular email client for Mac was released. It had all of the power features I longed for, and worked well with Exchange. While its interface wasn't quite as polished as Spark, it was definitely worth using...with one exception. Airmail was extremely buggy. There were frequent crashes, freezes, and glitches that continually slowed me down and prevented me from getting through my email. And with that, I switched back to Spark for the summer.

While Spark worked fine while I wasn't working as much, as school started again last month, I began to feel myself pushing up against Spark's limits and longed for Airmail's power. I decided to try Airmail again, but this time I tried to help squash bugs by beta testing version 1.2. Over the last month, I have watched Airmail transform into the e-mail app I need it to be. The final release of version 1.2 (out today) is both powerful and polished.

To find out more about Airmail and its features, I recommend Federico Viticci's initial review. But if you manage a lot of email on iOS, especially on an Exchange or Office365 account, I highly recommend you give it a try.

Airmail is $4.99 on the App Store.

The Class Nerd @theclassnerd