Agenda to Bear for Lesson Planning

As I (Craig) shared on the Lesson Planning episode of The Class Nerd Podcast, I was starting the year using Agenda as my lesson planning app. It had great features like calendar integration, organization, markdown support, and people tags to have me excited to try it. Unfortunately, after the first week or so of school has passed, I’m migrating everything I put into Agenda originally into Bear.

Agenda has a lot of promise, but a lot of bugs and small things that slow me down. They’re things that will likely get worked out (the iOS version only launched in May), but that’s not something I’m willing to wait for. My lesson planning system has to be rock solid.

Which leads me to Bear.

Bear is my note taking app of choice, and it is now my lesson planning tool. It’s missing two features that Agenda has, calendar integration and differentiation between people tags and other tags, but those are easy to rework.

To replace calendar integration, I’m simply typing the date at the top of a note and pinning the notes for the day’s lessons to the top of my list. For people tags, I created a tag category called students and have them all listed. What’s nice about using Bear tags over Agenda tags is Bear will autocomplete tags for you as you type. So that student with a really long name isn’t a big problem while I’m walking around observing.

I may give Agenda another go after Christmas if they’ve had any meaningful updates, and I have made the bugs I’m seeing known to the developers. While I’m a regular beta tester of apps, my lesson planning tool can’t be one of those. So for now, I’m trusting Bear to help me plan.

The Class Nerd @theclassnerd