Quick Tip Tuesday - iPad Multitasking Gestures

Today on Quick Tip Tuesday, I want to share with you some common shortcuts I use frequently on my iPad that lets me move around the device more quickly. Collectively, these shortcuts are called Multitasking Gestures.

In order to enable these gestures, go to the settings app, general, and then flip the switch by multitasking gestures.

  <img src="http://theclassnerd.micro.blog/uploads/2018/977f594e62.jpg" alt=""/>

As you can see in the above image, iOS gives you a key for what multitasking gestures can do. The one I use most is pinch to return to home screen. It's very convenient to use a gesture when your hands are already touching the screen instead of finding the home button and pressing it.

Again, this only saves a second every time, but if you spend enough time I an iPad, those seconds add up. The more things I can do to reduce friction when I'm working, the better.

The Class Nerd @theclassnerd