Friday Field Notes

Welcome to what I hope will be a weekly series here on The Class Nerd, Friday Field Notes. Here I hope to share funny things my second graders say, interesting articles I find throughout the week, and an app and/or music recommendation for the week. With that in mind, here are your Friday Field Notes

Student Quotes

Perhaps this wasn’t the best week to start Friday Field Notes as I’ve only had a crazy half day with my students so far this year. I had no time to write down any of the funny things my kids said on the first day of school. Next week will be the first week where I have funny student quotes.

Links of Note

8 things every teacher can do to create an innovative classroom - eSchoolNews

"Adaptive Capacity" in Schools - Literacy & NCTE

Have You Been Teaching the Same Grade Too Long - Education Week

Album of the Week

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I have been listening to Chris Stapleton's Traveller non-stop over the last few weeks. The song writing is brilliant, and Chris's vocal performance is breath taking. He is a musician of the highest caliber, and I can't recommend this record enough.

App of the Week

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