Friday Field Notes 7/29/16

Summer has officially drawn to a close for me, and I have started beginning of the year professional development. Our students return next Wednesday, and I'm really excited about this school year. As part of my excitement, I have some plans for this blog including reinstating Friday Field Notes. I'm still playing with the format, but I'm excited about having this again.

What I've Been Listening To


With pop music getting less melodic and sounding more and more the same all the time (when did I get old enough to talk like that?), I've found myself listening to a lot more country music lately. Maren Morris's Hero is everything I love about pop music (catchy melodies and clever lyrics) with real instruments thrown in.

While I love the whole record, my favorite tracks are Sugar, Rich, and 80s Mercedes. It's a great end of summer record.

App of the Week


MindNode – Delightful Mind Mapping

I've been doing a lot of beginning of school prep this week from lesson plans to my open house presentation. While MindNode has been in my toolbox for a few years now, it's proven it's worth yet again this week. If you need to get ideas out of your head and organize them, there's nothing better for me than and mind map, and MindNode is my favorite app for them.

Interesting Things on the Internet

Have a great weekend!

The Class Nerd @theclassnerd