RefMe Adds iOS Share Extension

Confession time.

I have written dozens of papers in grad school, and still have no idea how to cite anything using APA style. For a long time I had to keep the gigantic 6th edition of the style guide on me at all times. Then I found RefMe.

RefMe been a lifesaver for me. In the app, you can scan book barcodes using your device's camera and have the app look up the book's information by its ISBN number. RefMe will then automatically create a reference in the format you need. This reference list is stored on their server so it can be accessed from any device and shared to a variety of apps and services making it easy to add to the end of your project.

I have literally used it on every paper I have written for a year.

This week though, the app got a huge update that furthers my thoughts that the iPad is slowly becoming more enjoyable to use than the Mac. The RefMe developers have added a Share Extension that will automatically create a reference from a website for you.

Though I am currently in between graduate classes (my last semester starts Thursday!), I tested the new feature as soon as it became available. Though I have not put it through rigorous or extended testing, I was definitely pleased with how well it worked on the sites I tried.

 RefMe iOS Extension in Action

RefMe iOS Extension in Action

 Information taken from the extension in the RefMe app.

Information taken from the extension in the RefMe app.

You can see in the above images, RefMe's extension was able to gather the author of the article, the date it was published and more from the website.

My only wish is that you could highlight text in an article and RefMe would be able to add that to its "Quote" section of the reference.

RefMe is a free service and the app is free. Yep. Win-win-win.